Business Solutions
Electron Haze offers various types of business solutions, Our staff thrives to offer the best and most thorough service concerning your business. The services offered keep growing so that we distribute your workload.
Company Registrations
We offer company registration services and more. We register your company through CIPC at competitive pricing as well as offering you great customer service. We assist and guide you to have a successful business.
Our services are not limited.
Company Branding Services
We assist with a wide variety of designing your brand with your own look and feel, we take your imagination and make it a reality, transforming your project to create a unique identity.
We offer marketing for your business on all platforms. Our main goal is to get your company distributed throughout all the major marketing platforms.
Laser Cut, Bend & Design
We offer authoritative services that include:
Drawings (AutoCAD), Designing (AutoCAD / Inventor), Plans (AutoCAD, tool & die making, metal pressing, laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC machining, guillotining, bending, precision engineering, welding, fabrication, pipe threading and the development and assembly of components & more...
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Electron Haze is a small company established in 2018 that strives to become the ideal medium which to assist various businesses and individuals with extensive business needs. With more than 16 years collective experience in various fields of business from Construction to Business admin, data capturing and assistance in business affairs.

Within our grasp we have a wide range of suppliers that assist with any kind of task. I you need it, we got it. We have high quality standards, we only deal with suppliers that are certified in their fields, to delivery quality products.

Not only supplying products, we also have a quantifiable amount of services that we offer. The same as our products, we only produce quality services. We care about your needs and we also strive to accomplish a memorable outcome with all our clients.